Semi Permanent Make-up

Digital microblading/semi-permanent make-up

What is it?

Semi permanent make-up is a brow, eye and lip enhancing treatment. It gives the appearance of smudge free make-up all day, every day.

Who’s it for?

Semi-permanent make-up is suitable for clients of all ages with sparse or over plucked eyebrows, lips that are naturally thin, loss of colour and volume through ageing and allergies to cosmetics.

The Procedure


Semi permanent make-up uses non-toxic iron oxide colour pigments and sterile needles to implant the colour 1mm below the skins surface, lasting 2-4 years. At Serenity we use the latest advanced techniques to provide the most natural enhancements. The procedure is both safe and medically approved.

All training was completed by Andrew Stassi at Smudge-Free.

– £300

top & bottom liner
– £300
top or bottom liner only
– £250

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